A unique, industry specific programme to help train and select medical sales professionals

why selected?

Selected is a specialist training and development service that offers a graduate training and medical sales career platform. We provide graduates and inexperienced sales people with industry specific, competency-based sales training plus a career platform and recruitment service into permanent and contract sales roles.

We are the only industry-specific training and career platform provider and all of our team have spent their careers working in medical sales roles.

Our aim is to help create modern, dynamic and highly empowered sales organisations.

The Problems

More Vacancies

Sales roles are getting harder to fill. A recent report[1] suggested that 47% of UK businesses are losing money due to unfilled sales roles, whilst 51% of UK businesses are finding sales vacancies harder to fill and 66% of UK businesses expect to have to fight harder for candidates in the coming year.

Higher Costs

The estimated average cost of a sales person is increasing at almost 6% year-on-year[2]. Set against the backdrop of a market with increasing vacancies, this number is expected to increase as demand for high calibre candidates increases.

Increasing Expectations

Whilst expectations from organisations on new sales people have always been high, companies now need sales people who can move quickly through the learning cycle to become commercially effective whilst also demonstrating the attainment of a range of progressive professional standards.

These three factors have compounded to create a tension in the marketplace as companies search for new sales professionals. Whilst the default position is to explore tenured and industry experienced sales people, the demand for high quality candidates is outpacing the available talent pool. This is leading to higher costs, variable quality and more vacant territories.

The answer is to leverage the higher number of available graduates[3]. Combined with an industry-specific sales training programme, this will provide more pre-qualified and commercially ready candidates.

Our Experience

All of our training and career platform team have either worked in, or are working within the medical industry, in hospital or commercial roles. We work across a range of medical organisations and our training programmes have been shown to deliver over a 12x return-on-investment, account for up to 60% of annual sales growth and double sales confidence[4]. In addition to our training and career platform services, we publish content, run events, and deliver customised and professionally accredited programmes.

The Solution

The Selected Medical Sales Training and Career Platform consists of two distinct elements:

1. Selling Fundamentals

An industry specific, professionally accredited sales training programme for graduates and inexperienced sales people

2. Selected Plus

A selective permanent and contract career and recruitment service for graduates and inexperienced sales people

Selling Fundamentals

Selling Fundamentals is a six-week online sales training programme designed specifically for graduates and inexperienced sales people who are entering or have recently entered the medical sales industry.

The programme is delivered via a range of video lessons, audio sessions, workbooks and practical exercises and each participant must complete a series of assessments to examine knowledge retention, practical application and reflective practice.

By the end of the programme, delegates are able to:

  • Understand the role of the medical sales professional
  • Effectively Plan and prepare for a customer interaction
  • Successfully Pitch to engage with customers, gain permission to proceed and build rapport
  • Understand how to Probe to uncover key drivers of customer change
  • Identify and Prioritise key drivers of change aligned to your company’s product or service offering
  • Successfully Promote your company, product or service and link this to the customer’s key driver of change
  • Understand how to Perform and achieve long-term successful and mutually beneficial relationships

Selling Fundamentals is recognised by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office and upon successful completion of the Programme, delegates are awarded with an individual CPD accreditation.


Selected Plus is a selective permanent and contract career service that offers companies the opportunity to select from a range of pre-qualified and professionally trained graduates.

All of our candidates have successfully completed the Selling Fundamentals Programme and passed a face-to-face assessment with one of our team of experienced medical sales professionals who all have first-hand practice of sales management within the industry.

By combining our industry-specific sales training programme with our experience of selecting sales professionals, we are able to provide candidates that are commercially effective from the outset.

What’s Next?


If you’re working within an organisation and exploring ways to train and select new talent then please get in touch with us at


and one of our team will organise an initial Discovery Call to discuss your current and future requirements.

Graduates Or Inexperienced Sales People

If you’re a graduate or inexperienced sales person looking for a route into a medical sales role then please contact us at


to find out more and arrange an initial interview.

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